HMIS Maintenance Scheduled for 1/23/16

Starting at 10am central time on Saturday, January 23rd we will begin performing electrical maintenance in our data center to replace an electrical transformer.

As a result of this maintenance, all ServicePoint, ART, CommunityPoint, and HousingPoint sites hosted in our data center will be offline and unavailable from 10am - 2pm central on January 23rd.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to improve the reliability and integrity of our data center.

NH-HMIS ServicePoint 5 mandatory refresher training, week of November 2nd- 6th

Hello ServicePoint (HMIS) Agency Administrators, End Users & Outreach workers!

NH-HMIS ServicePoint 5 mandatory refresher training is taking place the week of November 2nd- 6th in three locations:

1. Nashua
2. Manchester
3. Concord

This training will cover all the changes for the new HUD Data Standards.


The new versions of the ART COC APR reports (0625 & 0631) are ready!

These reports and report manuals have been copied to the ART folder.

0625 - CoC APR Report - v20 is ready. Revision: Adjustment to Q23, Q24 to implement clarifications from HUD AAQ on how to correct clients with Total Monthly Income and various combinations of sub-assessment records using Client Profile Method to update follow-up income. Added language about adding across rows for Q24b1-3.

COC APR update - COC Application

The 0625 COC APR is now at v19 and available in the ART folder. The 0631 Detail report is still at v15 we are still waiting on an update from Bowman Systems." Bowman System has released 0635 - 2013 NOFA CoC Application Section 2D - v3 and 0636 - Project Participant 5A5B NOFA 2013_2014 - v2 these reports along with the update Application matrix can be found in the ART folder, under "NOFA", "NOFA 2013 to 2014"


COC APR update

The 0625 COC APR is now on v18, and the 0631 Detail APR is now on v15.

Is my monitor messing up? I see colors on the 0625 - HUD CoC APR now. What's going on?

Nope - your monitor isn't malfunctioning (at least not for this reason!).

Colored boxes have been added to the 0625 - HUD CoC APR, and they act as a reminder to users to check to make sure that the same colored boxes match in 24a and 24b. The numbers in the cells highlighted blue and yellow must match in order to avoid an e-snaps validation error. The cells highlighted in purple should be the total number of clients with follow up/exit income information.

Some data quality issues can prevent the APR from knowing where to count clients. This occurs when there is an update at Entry and at Follow-up or Exit but not enough information is provided to determine whether the income is earned income or other income.

The 0631 - HUD CoC APR Detail has been updated to help users determine which Clients are causing these counts to be different. Try these steps if the counts in the colored cells do not total up correctly:
1) Run the 0631 - HUD CoC APR Detail
2) Navigate to Tab J
3) Click the 'Input Controls' tab to filter the details to the relevant Clients
1) For 'Last Episode', select 'Last Episode Only'
2) For 'Leavers or Stayers', select the category that corresponds to the section you're troubleshooting
3) For 'Adult or Child', select 'Adult'
4) For 'Income TMI Errors', select 'Null Inc with TMI Error'

Selecting these input controls on the 0631 should help you see which Clients are not included in some of the counts on the 0625.

If you require assistance with your APR open a ticket with HMIS and we will setup a time to work with you.

Thank you,


Al Vitale Retires - BHHS looking to fill his Data Analyst position

Al Vitale has retired and moved back to his home state
of North Carolina! Al worked for the Bureau of Homeless and Housing
Services since January 2009. During these years, he was instrumental in ensuring HMIS data quality and was also a member of the Advisory Council which advises and supports HMIS operations.


COC APR has been updated again

Bowman Systems has released V17 of the COC APR. This version has resolved some ongoing issues. Let us know if you have any issues. Thank you.


We have upgraded to ServicePoint 5.8.5

Here are the SP5.8 Highlights
Most of the changes to the ServicePoint 5.8 upgrade are performance enhancements and fixed issues so are “under the covers” and will not affect the user interface and screens that you use.

Read what’s new with HMIS!

The NH HMIS Spring 2013 Newsletter is here!

Some highlights inside this issue include: New HMIS Data Standards, Thank you Bernie Bluhm, SP5 Training, How the HIC Impacts AHAR, FAQs, Tip of the Month, E-snaps Helper Guide, & Emergency Shelters Open System.

Download it here: Spring Newsletter 2013

A friendly reminder to run your APR often

This is a reminder that you should try to run your APR using ART at least every month. We are happy to see that many of you DO run monthly reports – doing this helps ensure data quality before your APR is due. You will probably agree that it is so much easier to find out you have a data quality issue early than wait until the APR is right around the corner – who needs all that stress?

In an effort to help, HMIS has streamlined the previous version of the documentation to include only what you need to run the APR in ART in a document titled “Steps to Running APR in ART“



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