Hello ServicePoint (HMIS) Agency Administrators, End Users & Outreach workers!

NH-HMIS ServicePoint 5 mandatory refresher training is taking place the week of October 3rd -7th in three locations:

1. Nashua
2. Manchester
3. Concord

This training will cover all the changes for the new HUD Data Standards.

The registration through EventBrite is now open. The registration links have been mailed out.


Internet Explorer 10 has been released for Windows 7 users to download, and this version of Internet Explorer will be rolled out as an automatic update over the next several weeks. We are currently working to provide compatibility with IE 10 when running ServicePoint 5. Once we have finished coding and testing the updated code, we will send out another notification via a NewsWire.Please note that IE 10 will not be supported by ServicePoint 5 until this update occurs, and ServicePoint 5 users should continue to use one of the supported browsers in the meantime.

Attention! HMIS Clientpoint issue SSN data quality

When adding a new client the "social security number data quality" is no longer saving. You have to go in after adding the client and edit to add Full, Partial, Don't Know or Refused.

We have opened Bowman case 50762 and after their testing it appears that they can replicate this by choosing the set new backdate option and not changing the date. It appears to save correctly every-time they select use current date and time. They are going to do a little more testing and then pass this to a programmer.

NH Training Follow Up

On Thursday October 4th from 10:00am- 12:00pm, Tim Wilson held an online/ web-based session.

This was an excellent opportunity to ask questions about anything you were having difficulty with or that was unclear about ServicePoint 5.

We covered adding a client to a household, how to configure and use the dashboard count reports, and a list of question that were asked during the SP5 training classes.

More details on "Adding to a Household"

We were asked to provide additional details on adding clients to a household, please see the links below which are also available under the HMIS Reference Materials.

SP5 is here and We have a new website

It’s back!

After a long weekend, the upgrade was a success -- the new and improved ServicePoint 5 is now online!

If you notice any problems or your data does not look correct, please open a ticket immediately and mark it as an Emergency priority. If needed, use this link to open a ticket . If you have an issue accessing the Support Ticket System, contact the NH HMIS Help Desk at

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