Our team truly believes in the power of data. NH-HMIS is the vehicle we use to help drive additional funding to better serve our clients. We look forward to working with you all to help NH meet, and even exceed its HMIS goals.

SP5 has some reporting issues

There are issues with the following canned reports in ServicePoint:

The Call record, Duplicate Client, Outstanding Referral, and Service Transactions reports all use the server time zone instead of the client's time zone. This means that the data is offset by the difference between the client's time zone and central time.

Bowman expects them to be corrected possibly mid October.

SP5 is here and We have a new website

It’s back!

After a long weekend, the upgrade was a success -- the new and improved ServicePoint 5 is now online!

If you notice any problems or your data does not look correct, please open a ticket immediately and mark it as an Emergency priority. If needed, use this link to open a ticket http://support.nh-hmis.org . If you have an issue accessing the Support Ticket System, contact the NH HMIS Help Desk at hmishelpdesk@nh-hmis.org

The NH HMIS User Certification Test

The ServicePoint 5 training is underway and the NH HMIS User Certification Test is now available.

You will receive an email with the link to the test once you have completed the training.

ServicePoint 5 upgrade schedule at a glance

The ServicePoint 5 training and implementation period will last almost three weeks, part of that time will require that the system be shut down in order for needed changes to be implemented by the HMIS team. Please prepare yourself and your staff for these important changes and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have a HUD APR or any other reporting needs during this period, please plan ahead to be sure that you have enough time in the system.

The SP5 Roll-out Schedule for August 2012

Read what’s new with HMIS!

The NH HMIS Spring 2012 Newsletter is here!

Some highlights inside this issue include: AHAR Reports, New Hires, HPRP Reports, Service Point Sneak Peek, Tip of the Month.

Download it here Spring Newsletter 2012

Service Point 4.0 Head of Household Data Quality Issue

There have been a few cases of individuals who have received data quality report errors when entering youth into a household. We are posting a PowerPoint that should help explain the correct procedure for entering Head of Household (HoH) data into HMIS. This PowerPoint will walk you through, step-by-step, for entering client household data along with screen shots for the process.

If you still have challenges with entering household data into HMIS and the PowerPoint hasn’t solved the problem then please open a support ticket. Thank you.

Update: HMIS Software upgrade to ServicePoint 5

As you probably already know the New Hampshire Homeless Management Information Systems will be updating to Service Point 5 this summer.

Training “Save the Date” email were sent out on Tuesday, 4/24. If you did not receive this message please contact the HMIS team.

The EventBrite Registration link will be sent out shortly, every HMIS user will need to register for this Mandatory & free training.

Point-in-Time 2012

Conducting a Point-in-Time (PIT) Count is important to all communities. The count is a tally of who is homeless on a given night and provides a snapshot of who experiences homeless throughout the year. The PIT also help the Department of Housing and Urban Development to keep track of national trends in the homeless population.

HMIS News: New Hire

Shane Fisher, recent hire to the HMIS team, is from Manchester N.H. He has 3 years of experience in the homeless field and understands the fundamentals of working in a non-profit setting. He understands the concepts of collaboration to maximize efficiency in the workforce. Shane has made IT part of his life for the last 14 years and hopes to add some of his personal strengths to the team along with allow the potential to grow. He can be reached at s.fisher@harborhomes.org or at extension 1254.

The HMIS Software Upgrade Update

The New Hampshire Homeless Management Information Systems will be updating to Service Point 5 this summer. The upgrade will likely occur over the weekend of August 17th. The End User and Agency Administrator training will likely take place weeks prior to the upgrade.

Please watch for additional information about the upgrade.

Please share this information with all agencies. Thank you.

Computer Requirements for ServicePoint 5


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