Our team truly believes in the power of data. NH-HMIS is the vehicle we use to help drive additional funding to better serve our clients. We look forward to working with you all to help NH meet, and even exceed its HMIS goals.

HIC Deadline April 30, 2013

As you know the HIC and PIT Data Entry opened on Monday, April 1, 2013:
HDX Opens for Data Entry

Tuesday, April 30, 2013: Deadline for data entry is 8:00 pm Eastern

We have created a user guide so you can run the HMIS HIC report.

File attachment: Guide: Running HIC in ART

A friendly reminder to run your APR often

This is a reminder that you should try to run your APR using ART at least every month. We are happy to see that many of you DO run monthly reports – doing this helps ensure data quality before your APR is due. You will probably agree that it is so much easier to find out you have a data quality issue early than wait until the APR is right around the corner – who needs all that stress?

In an effort to help, HMIS has streamlined the previous version of the documentation to include only what you need to run the APR in ART in a document titled “Steps to Running APR in ART“


Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility issue fixed!

Bowman has released SP5.7.19 and our system has been upgraded.

This includes:
Modifications for Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility
Modifications have been included to enhance compatibility with Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8.


Internet Explorer 10 has been released for Windows 7 users to download, and this version of Internet Explorer will be rolled out as an automatic update over the next several weeks. We are currently working to provide compatibility with IE 10 when running ServicePoint 5. Once we have finished coding and testing the updated code, we will send out another notification via a NewsWire.Please note that IE 10 will not be supported by ServicePoint 5 until this update occurs, and ServicePoint 5 users should continue to use one of the supported browsers in the meantime.

Attention! HMIS Clientpoint issue SSN data quality

When adding a new client the "social security number data quality" is no longer saving. You have to go in after adding the client and edit to add Full, Partial, Don't Know or Refused.

We have opened Bowman case 50762 and after their testing it appears that they can replicate this by choosing the set new backdate option and not changing the date. It appears to save correctly every-time they select use current date and time. They are going to do a little more testing and then pass this to a programmer.

HMIS data elements

The "First Time Homeless?" data element used to answered on the HUD minimum screen in SP4, and when we upgraded to SP5 the "First Time Homeless?" data element was moved to the Entry screen. If you have a client that was entered into the system in SP4 then your answer to this question will be ported forward to the new SP5 Entry. Like all data element answers for returning clients, please be sure you collect the information again and update SP (ServicePoint) accordingly.

Data visibility in sub- assessments

The HMIS team has received a few tickets on this subject so we have to put together a document to help user understand the changes in sub- assessment data visibility since our ServicePoint 5.7 upgrade in August.

The change to how data is displayed in sub-assessments such as the Monthly Income, Non-Cash Benefits and Disability. This has to do with the new assessment feature.

This document describes some of the changes and how to trouble shoot and work with the changed sub-assessment visibility.

Notice to HMIS users about reporting problems

Hi Everyone,

We hope Servicepoint 5 is treating you well. But if not...

If you are having any issues with HMIS, please open a ticket immediately.

We have recently had a situation where there was an issue with a provider and since the problem was not brought to our attention until 2 months after it started, the provider is now far behind with their data entry. We do not want this to happen to you!

Please let us know ASAP if you need our assistance, we are here to help.


HMIS HUD Exit Destination Helper Guides

We want to be sure all providers are interpreting their HMIS HUD Exit Destination choices correctly. We have developed new documents to use as a reference. Of particular concern is making that critical judgment of what is “Permanent” vs. “Temporary” when you are exiting a client from a program. The exit destinations are reported in the COC ARP (Annual Progress Report), for the programs required to generate the report. Please share this with your users immediately.

Help on, When should Income be added?

We were asked to provide additional details on When should Income be added? please see the link below which are also available under the HMIS Reference Materials.

Click here for text only instructions for Income

Please let us know if you need any additional HMIS/ServicePoint “helper” documents.


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