Veteran Status for HMIS, per HUD

In HMIS, Veteran Status should be ‘Yes’ for anyone who has ever been on active duty in the armed forces of the United States, regardless of discharge status or length of service.

• For members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, active duty begins when a military member reports to a duty station after completion of training.
• For members of the Reserves and National Guard, active duty is any time spent activated or deployed, either in the United States or abroad.

Additionally: Blizzard of 78 the National Guard was activated by the Governor not the President so it was not a federal (title 10) deployment so it doesn't count as active duty. Katrina DID have some National Guard members deployed for title 10 but it would have to state that on the DD214 because not all of those that were deployed were under a title 10 some were called to activate by the Governor. If a National Guard unit was deployed overseas it is ALWAYS under a title 10 and considered active duty.

Veteran Status should be ‘No’ for anyone who has not been on active duty, including:

• Individuals who attended basic training, officer training school, and/or technical training but were discharged before reporting to a duty station;
• Members of the Reserves or National Guard who were never activated or deployed.