NH Training Follow Up

On Thursday October 4th from 10:00am- 12:00pm, Tim Wilson held an online/ web-based session.

This was an excellent opportunity to ask questions about anything you were having difficulty with or that was unclear about ServicePoint 5.

We covered adding a client to a household, how to configure and use the dashboard count reports, and a list of question that were asked during the SP5 training classes.

Unfortunately this was not well attended (9 people, 3 from the hmis team, 2 from the state, and 4 from agencies) so I’m wondering if we did not provide a long enough lead time for the notice, we sent the save the date message out on 9/21, or if people feel very comfortable with SP5 and didn’t have questions. I’d appreciate any feedback on this.

Attached are the questions with answers that we covered and the entire session was recorded, to view here is the web link: