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Occasionally, you may need to refer back to a previous version of the NH Happenings HMIS newsletter. To help you find content, answers, and articles easily, an overview of the topics and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in each newsletter are listed by issue date. Click on the Newsletter name to view.

Winter 2018/2019 Newsletter – Issued January 2019

In this exciting issue of HMIS Happenings, we explore:

  • Answers to all your Questions from Training Week
  • Why Mediware Is Now WellSky
  • Changes Coming to the 2019 HIC and PIT Count
  • Your PATH Training Questions Answered
  • Helper Guide: How to Enter an ROI
  • New ROI/SUD Forms and How to Use Them
  • When The Correct Name Is Alias
  • 2019 Deadlines for LSA Data

Summer 2018 Newsletter – Issued June 2018

In this exciting issue of HMIS Happenings we will discuss:

  • How to Create the CoC-APR Report in ServicePoint
  • The Benefits of Homeless Soccer Programs
  • The Homeless World Cup
  • The People Behind NH 211
  • A Popular West Coast Service for the Homeless: Safe Parking Programs

Spring 2018 Newsletter – issued March 2018

In this exciting addition of HMIS Happenings we will discuss:

  • Saying Goodbye AHAR, Hello LSA
  • System Performance Measures
  • Our HMIS Compliance Wellness Checklist
  • House Bill 400 and Its Impact on Housing
  • Data Quality and the CoC-APR
  • How to Run CoC-APR in ServicePoint
  • Resources for Pets of the Homeless
  • HUD Awards a Record $2 Billion
  • Documentation Requirements for DedicatedPlus Projects
  • The Most Common Mistakes in HMIS
  • Circles(c) Opens Its First New Hampshire Chapter
  • 2018 National Conferences on Homelessness and Housing

Winter 2017 Newsletter – issued Dec 2017

Covered in this exciting addition of the Newsletter is:

  • Thanks for Training With Us!
  • Functional Zero
  • Pitch Camp
  • Your Questions From Training Week Answered
  • CoC-APR: Your New BFF
  • System Performance Measures
  • New Affordable Housing Initiatives in NH
  • Resources for 2018 HIC/PIT
  • Changes to 2018 HIC and PIT
  • 2017 Data Standards Updates
  • Local Charity Events
  • Places with the Most Homeless vs Places with the Most Unsheltered
  • Nonprofit Communications
  • News on Homelessness from around the Web
  • And more!

Summer 2017 Newsletter – issued July 2017

Covered in this exciting addition of the Newsletter is:

  • NOFA and NOFA tips
  • Start Running the New CoC APR
  • Using Sage to Complete Your APR
  • New Hampshire Housing: A Reevaluation
  • Defining Chronic Homelessness
  • Flowchart of HUD’s Definition of Chronic Homelessness
  • NH Sleep Out: Terrific Results!
  • Functional Zero: The Criteria and The Benchmarks
  • NH Two Bedroom Median Gross Rent in 2016 by County
  • Mediware Bootcamp 2017
  • NH 2017 Point In Time Count by Region
  • Last Thoughts: Homeless on the Web
  • New and Recommended Books on Homelessness and Housing

Fall/Winter 2016/17 Newsletter – issued November 2016

Covered in this exciting addition of the Newsletter is:

  • Annual Homeless Assessment Report 2016
  • Point-in-Time Count Changes for 2017
  • ServicePoint 6 — Coming Soon!
  • Cold Weather Shelter Locations
  • Looking back on October’s ServicePoint Training
  • NH HMIS User Certification Tests — Most Missed Questions
  • Exploring Hunger, Homelessness and HIV in Children’s Books

Summer 2016 Newsletter – issued June 2016

Covered in this exciting addition of the Newsletter is:

  • Save the Date for mandatory training
  • Welcome new HMIS staff
  • System Performance measurements
  • Veterans and Functional Zero
  • Bowman Systems is Acquired by Mediware
  • HMIS wellness checkups and evaluations

Spring/Summer 2015 Newsletter – issued June 2015

Covered in this exciting addition of the Newsletter is:

  • NH HMIS celebrates 5 years as the lead
  • Welcome Lisa Tsiopras new HMIS Technical writer
  • Policy and Governance updates
  • Data Quality/BHHS Annual report
  • Report Training
  • Password Security
  • Training Tips
  • HMIS wellness checkups
  • HIC
  • System Performance measurements
  • System Requirements for Servicepoint and ART

Winter 2014 Newsletter – issued December 2014

Covered in this exciting addition of the Newsletter is:

  • Reflections of the 2014 Training
  • Summary of the training evaluations
  • 2014 AHAR Update
  • Change to Children Income
  • Training Tips
  • HMIS Wellness Checkup
  • New Documents

Summer 2014 Newsletter – issued September 2014

New HMIS training dates and locations, user survey input, welcome to Melissa at BHHS, 2014 HMIS Data Standards are available, using Interim Reviews, HUD APR change to 0625 and 0631, reminder to run CoC APRs early and often, training survey highlights, and benefits of Coordinate Assessment.

Tip — What can I do to prevent or find Duplicate Clients?

Spring 2014 - March

Goodbye and good luck to Kristina Riera, 2014 HMIS calendar, meet Mike our new data analyst, new documentation on the NH-HMIS website, support for Windows XP ended, Outreach added to Open Systems, HMIS team attends Bowman System’s bootcamp, ServicePoint 5.9.3 upgrade highlights, scheduled data quality reports, and the BHHS 2014 Annual Report.

FAQ — How do I reset my expired password?

Winter 2013 - 2014

Three programs that help Veterans, explanation of the NOFA, new documentation on the NH-HMIS website, NH AHAR deemed usable, cold weather shelter locations in Concord and Rochester, updates to the APR, improved data quality in 2013, and the correct housing status to use if your client goes to jail at exit.

FAQ: To what ESG program components does the 30% area median income (AMI) limit apply?

Fall 2013 - November

Al Vitale retires, manual review of annual income for the CoC APR, preparing for the 2013 AHAR, tip for viewing the ART gallery index, using the ServicePoint dashlet to display information, SP 5.8 training wrap-up and evaluation results, SP5.9 update expected late November, welcome to Patricia Jackson, and HMIS assessment “in great shape”.

FAQ: I entered the wrong exit date when exiting my client from ShelterPoint, how do I fix this?

Summer 2013 - August

ServicePoint 5 refresher training September 9-13th, SP5.8 highlights, centralizing coordinate assessment intake, AHAR schedule for submitting data, tips for viewing multiple household exits/re-joins, and 10 state-funded grant SGIA programs.

FAQ: How can I tell how the Income is being calculated for my clients in my HUD reports?

Spring 2013

Good bye and best wishes to Bernie Bluhm, HMIS data standards released, ServicePoint and other available training, how the HIC data impacts AHAR, user role visibility tip, new e-snaps document on HMIS website, 7 emergency shelters share data in an Open System, and Bowman Systems announcements.

FAQ: What happens when a client’s Release of Information (ROI) expires?

Winter 2013

2012 clean up of ServicePoint 5, new Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Programs, monthly training opportunities, AHAR February 12th due date and know issues, ClientPoint status history bar color changes, several new documents and forms on the HMIS website, good data collection guidelines, clarification about sub-assessments being visible/hidden, and Point in Time (PIT) count 1/23/13.

FAQ: What if a client doesn’t want his/her Social Security number, date of birth, gender, race, or ethnicity entered into ServicePoint?

Fall 2012

Successful SP5 training in August, new HMIS intake forms available, training make upsessions in September, support ticket changes, October training with Tim Wilson of Bowmans Systems to address any SP5 upgrade questions, congratulations to those who passed the SP5 certification test, Chris Sterndale receives Appreciation Award from HMIS team, new HMIS logo, and an article titled How Does HMIS Work?

FAQ: I have questions about entering income and setting the entry/exit dates correctly. Where can I find more information?

FAQ: Where can I find online Help in the new ServicePoint 5?

Spring 2012

SP5 servicepoint mandatory training registration for end users and administrators, AHAR submission accepted by HUD, first quarter HPRP State and city reports for QPR Q11 ending March, 31st 2012, update to SP5 sneak peek, SP5 hardware update August 18th, head of household data quality tip, and mid year AHAR due dates.

FAQ: I have a question or may need support. Who do I go to?

FAQ: How do you add another entry to a household?

Fall 2011

Articles include HMIS update of Bowman ServicePoint 5 software and configuration, Portland Maine conference, and HPRP reporting period ending September 2011.