Helper Guide – Interim Review and Follow Up Review

ANNUAL ASSESSMENT for clients – APR or ESG reporting

An Income and Sources record must be created as part of an annual assessment for clients participating in a project one year or more, even if there is no change in either the income or sources. 'Information Date’ for those records must reflect the date of the data collection, which must be no more than 30 days before the anniversary of the head of household’s Project Start Date. Annual assessments are based solely on the head of household’s anniversary date. The annual assessment must include updating both the head of household’s record and any other family member’s at the same time.

This is done by using the “Interim” review feature. It can be done any time, but HUD-funded programs and HUD reporting are required to do ANNUAL ASSESSMENT review of income and non cash benefits no more than 30 days before the anniversary of the client’s Project Entry date, regardless of the date of the most recent ‘update’ or ‘annual assessment’.